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Best Magento Image Optimization solution

Faster, Smoother, Easy to use

Now available image optimization for Magento
We optimize your images and speed up your Magento webshop
Save more than 50% on your loadtime

About Performance

Webperformance for your Magento shop is currently one of the most important,
elements for business growth. A fast Magento website will increase revenue and customer experience.

Our Mission

Turning on Rapido Image Optimizer will immediately improve a web page's download time (assuming there are images/photo's on the page), which can have a positive impact on your Google search ranking.

Speed matters

From Google studies is stated that fast web sites or shops do increase in revenue share. And this while the customer satisfaction raices as well on desktop, tablet but most of all on mobile.

Fast Images matter

The smaller the image the better the initial load time of the webpage is. By default most of the web pages are not optimized. Save up to 50% average on optimized images.

How does it work?

The fundament key component for image optimization is our Magento module.
After installing a blue print will be made from your Magento shop. This will be the input for the image optimization sequence which will be done automatically. Within 24 hours all images for your Magento catalog, product, cms or theme will be optimized.

  • Install/configure module
  • Image optimization sequence started
  • Your images optimized within 24 hour
Company Abilities

Rapido Ltd. is a company founded by a team of Magento specialist. Our business pillars are high quailty modules, high performance and happy customers.

Creating a better and faster Magento shop for Desktop, Tablet of Mobile is our goal.

Magento Certified since 2012
Magento Performance since 2009
Working with Magento since 2008

Our company achievements

Our main goal is high performance for Magento. Optimized images and Monitoring are some of our mail key features.

Overall, we have optimized 16.05 GB of images (324 thousand files) saving 7.37 GB (46%) total file size.


Optimized Images

We optimize images on a daily basis. 24/7 Worldwide service. New added image are tuned within 1 day, even flushed cached images.


happy clients

Happy customer is one of our key business criteria.


Best Support

Need help with optimizing your Magento website? Checkout our FAQ or send us mail.